YSI ProSample Portable Samplers
YSI ProSample Portable Samplers
YSI ProSample Portable Samplers
YSI ProSample Portable Samplers
YSI ProSample Portable Samplers
YSI ProSample Portable Samplers


YSI ProSample Portable Samplers

YSI’s ProSample portable samplers feature a proprietary peristaltic pump for highly accurate sampling in applications such as surface water, stormwater, and wastewater.

With multiple automated portable samplers to choose from and the ability to sample based on time, analog signal, digital pulse, and/or measurements from an SDI-12 device (ProSample P-12 and ProSample PM-12 models only), the ProSample can be the final piece of your monitoring installation. Composite sampling can be completed with all models, while discrete sampling can be completed with the ProSample P and ProSample P-12.

Available ProSample models include:

  • ProSample P: full-size portable sampler
  • ProSample P-12: full-size portable sampler with SDI-12 connectivity
  • ProSample PM: mini portable sampler
  • ProSample PM-12: mini portable sampler with SDI-12 connectivity

Included with each ProSample:

  • 5 meter suction hose with screw connection and sinker weight
  • 10L PE container (only the ProSample PM and the ProSample PM-12)
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Two peristaltic pump tubes
  • Printed copy of the ProSample Getting Started Guide
  • Flexible options, including:
  • Analog 0/4-20 mV
  •  Digital
  • SDI-12 (ProSample P-12 and ProSample PM-12 only)
Volume accuracy
  • Proprietary peristaltic pump
  • High sample volume accuracy
Compact design
  • Easy to transport
  • ProSample PM and ProSample PM-12 are ideal for tight installations
  • Double-walled and insulated for longer ice retention
Low maintenance
  • Easy pump tube replacement
  • Spring-loaded roller bearings for long tube life
Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Simple programming and calibration
  • Stores 12 user-defined programs
  • Many different sampling scenarios are possible

Single sample volume accuracy: +/-5% or +/-5 mL (whichever is greater) within the sample volume range 20-10000 mL


ProSample P and ProSample P-12 - Discrete or composite sampling

   PE: 24 x 1 L, 8 x 2L, 4 x 4 L, 1 x 26 L

   Glass: 24 x 350 L, 12 x 950 mL, 8 x 2L

ProSample PM and PM-12 - Composite sampling only

   PE: 1 x 10L (included with each PM and PM-12)

Certifications CE, ISO 5667-10, EN 16479

P and P-12 = 50 x 74 cm

PM and PM-12 = 40 x 60.5 cm


Backlit graphic display; 6.5 cm width x 3.2 cm height

Fluid Delivery Speed

>0.61 m/s at suction height up to 7 m with 10 mm ID suction hose


Analog 0/4-20 mA, Digital, SDI-12 (P-12 and PM-12 only)

LED Indicates if a program is running, an error has occurred, or low battery
Material PE (polyethylene); double-walled and insulated for longer ice retention
Measurement Range

Single sample volume range: 1-10000 mL

Memory Up to 3000 entries; non-volatile data memory for up to 5 years; Stores sampling and error data, bottle changes, messages, external signals
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 °C
Power 12 V/ 7.2 Ah lead storage battery (maintenance free, leak proof) 115V or 230V operation by means of battery charger
Programming 12 user-defined programs
Pump Type Peristaltic
Sample Temperature 0 to 40 °C

YSIConnect PC software for controlling the sampler and downloading data (not required)

Suction Height Maximum 8.5 m (27.9 ft) at 1 atm with 10 mm ID suction hose
Suction Hose

Maximum allowable length is 30 meters

ID of YSI suction hoses is 10 mm

USB Mini-B USB for PC connection

1 year on all ProSample models

Weight P and P-12 = 15 kg, PM and PM-12 = 9 kg

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