YSI DB600 Data Buoy
YSI DB600 Data Buoy
YSI DB600 Data Buoy
YSI DB600 Data Buoy
YSI DB600 Data Buoy


YSI DB600 Data Buoy

The DB600 is an integrated, easy-to-assemble, plug-n-play buoy for remote monitoring and can support a range of sensors.  The All-in-One (Ai1) package includes everything required to transmit sensor data directly to your computer or device, with industrial field reliability. Pair it with a YSI EXO sonde, an Aanderaa DCS, and HydroSphere for a world-class monitoring system!**
Deploying a high-quality data buoy has never been easier, or more affordable.

The DB600 arrives fully integrated and can be deployed by a single person. With it's unique Ai1 telemetry system, high-efficiency solar-based power system, and field-ruggedized buoy, the data buoy, DB600, can be used in any critical application where an ongoing stream of data is paramount. Pair it with YSI's EXO sondes, Aanderaa's single-point current sensor, and HydroSphere data visualizaton for a world-class monitoring station.

The DB600 Package includes:

  • DB600 buoy
  • Stainless steel sensor deployment tube
  • Ai1 logging and communication system
  • Solar power system
  • Sensor cable
  • Navigation beacon

The DB600 was designed to support all models of YSI EXO sondes as well as the Aanderaa DCS.

DB600 Specifications

Diameter 600 mm
Material Polyethylene float. SS Sonde Tube

21 kg (including sonde tube)


200 mm at maximum weight

Ai1 Standard Config Specifications

Connection Plug-n-play, depending on sensor selections at time of purchase
Inputs Analog and Digital
Communications 4G or Iridium
Power 18 W solar, 7Ah battery (supports a range of sensor configurations)
Waterproof IP67

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